after a long hiatus, something new

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after a long hiatus, something new

macaron madness ’15 :: cafe mozart

The cookie consumption in this post happened on 3/29. I know, I know…

This was an unscheduled macaron stop. I had just discovered the amazingness of 99 Ranch, which is a huge Asian supermarket chain in Texas (I think, just in Texas, but I’m not sure). My friend FS introduced me to this place, and when I walked in… I felt like Mitchell when he first discovered Costco. “What is this place…” It was great – there is a whole aisle devoted to soy sauce. There is a fishball/meatball bar for hot pot. You can get a pound of ginger for less than a dollar. Also, the food court. THE FOOD COURT. Dim sum and banh mi and pho, oh my…

99 Ranch Market

When we left the supermarket, we saw that there was a bakery in a nearby strip mall and headed over for coffee. Surprisingly, they sold macarons too. A bit of a spur of the moment purchase, but you (well, I) can’t say no to macarons (though I guess I reserve that right, but when would I use it?).

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macaron madness ’15 :: cafe mozart

Santana: What about your gut?
Booth: My gut says it stinks.
Goodman: If he smells with his gut, what does he use his nose for?

Oh early Bones, I heart you so much. As much as I like Cam, I’m sad they got rid of Goodman. His peptalk to Angela was one of the best things ever (and set up one of Zack Addy’s best lines).

Anyway. Back to watching reruns while I research some cameras!

macaron madness ’15 :: tart bakery

This is another late entry. Super late this time. Like suuuuuuuuuuper late. As in, I ate these cookies on March 11 (according to my phone and my notes). I’m not great at this whole blogging thing.


I’ve come to realize that all of my pictures recently are vertically oriented. This is mostly because I’ve been using my phone to take all the pictures, and it’s more difficult to take a horizontally oriented pic using a phone. I need to get a new camera. I’ve always wanted a fancypants one so maybe I should just do it. Time to do lots of research… Any recommendations?

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macaron madness ’15 :: tart bakery

macaron madness ’15 :: whole foods

This is a bit of a late entry because I forgot to schedule it. OOPS OH WELL.

The weather in Dallas has been pretty interesting recently. We’re having kind of a almost actual winter situation. There were a couple of days with actual snow that stayed around on the ground. This, of course, means that everyone is FREAKING OUT and driving like idiots.

snow in dallas?!
I mean, it’s not a lot of snow. But people FLIPPED out.

I miss real winter. I really need to move. In any event, because I didn’t want to drive too far in snow and risk death by people who have never experienced weather, I just picked up some macarons from a nearby Whole Foods while I was there getting coffee and groceries.

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macaron madness ’15 :: whole foods

macaron madness ’15 :: joy macarons

Recently I’ve been on a quest to find awesome macarons. You’d think that this wouldn’t be too difficult of a proposition in a huge city like Dallas – that’s what I thought in any event. Well, we’re both WRONG. The vast majority of the cookies I’ve had are sub-par at best – it’s been very disappointing. And that disappointment frustratingly (for wallet, palate, and mental state) has been fueling an absolute OBSESSION with these sweet little treats. So much so that they’ve bumped up into my desert island five. All this means that 2015 is going to be the year of macaron madness. I’m going to eat SO. MANY. MACARONS. Until I completely exhaust myself of the damn things or until I find the one true macaron, the one to rule them all, the Platonic ideal. (You can see why it’s madness.)

So onwards and upwards.

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macaron madness ’15 :: joy macarons

regularly scheduled intermissions

Thanksgiving in Mexico 2014

So it looks like my average hiatus/gap/break/interlude/time out is roughly two years. Every once in a while it just gets weirdly difficult to keep posting, and then I get weirdly self-censoring and blah blah blah. In any event, it’s been something around two years, so it was about time to put an appearance in I guess.

Lots have happened in the intervening time as you might imagine – existential crisis, last minute career changes, angsty angst, family medical situations. A lot of things are in flux right now. Tipping points and precipices and so on and so forth. So I guess we’ll just see what happens in 2015.

regularly scheduled intermissions